Hoghton Tower Cyclocross Race 2018

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Date and Time

Hoghton Tower, Preston

Red Rose Olympic Cycling Club will be delivering the first round of this year’s North West Cyclo-Cross season again at Hoghton Tower, Preston for the 4th year. With help from the guys at Crank It Racing with course design and the scrumptious catering from the venue kitchens it promises to be a day to remember.

The indoor barn section will be there again doubling up as sign on with the course going through the barn following a short cobbled climb. The course will be similar to last year but will be extended to increase lap times. The adult category starts will take place in a large area in the top field, with the youth, Novice, U12’s, 10’s and 8’s starting in front of the main house.

It's "Keep off the grass" time again on the lawns in front of the main house as requested by the venue as they have some major events in this area during the following weeks and want to maintain the condition of the lawns.

There is a novice race for those who would like to try out a bit of competitive riding for the first time. Have a look at some photos of last year's race, and check out the movie from 2016.

Rider Info

The course will be built on Friday the 7th of September. If you would like to help out with the build and get the chance to check out the course the venue will be open from 2.00pm. There is also a Fish and Chip supper for helpers from 6.30pm on Friday evening.

Sign on is in the barn along with registration for the league. For those who have registered for the league don’t forget you also have to sign on for the race as well as collect your transponder pack.


Car parking will be £3 per vehicle which has been set by the venue.

There will be extra parking this year on the right hand side as you enter the venue in the adjoining field.  Please do not park on the grassed area either side of the main drive up to the house.  The drive will also be closed beyond the entrances to the car park areas.  The usual hard standing parking will be available but please park as close to one another as possible to maximise the space available.  The venue roads are too small for motor homes but vans are welcome.  If you are using rollers to warm up please set these up away from the carpark again to maximise parking space.

Please do not park on the main road to the venue entrance. This has been deemed dangerous by both the Police and Highways Agency. The Police will be patrolling this area so please park on site or further way from the main entrance if onsite parking is full.

Refreshments with Coffee and Cake from Tilly

The usual hot and cold drinks and food will again be available so don’t forget to top up before and after your race.

Tilly is a lovely converted horsebox and Tillys owners sell an excellent espresso blend, roasted in Staffordshire.  The full range of barista made specialist coffees are available plus a selection of traditional teas, fruit infusions and a most lovely hot chocolate (just right for warming up post race!).  There will be a selection of homemade cakes, flapjacks and biscuits (for energy you know …) and Tilly is really looking forward to the racing.

Spectators and Cycling Clubs

Spectators are welcome and the action is easily accessible, please cross the course using the crossing points. Marshals will be available to direct you. If you are from a cycling club please do bring your gazebo and flags which can be set up in the main arena right in front of the house.

Race Times

10.30 Youth & Novice, 30 mins

11.20 U8, 10 mins

11.45 U12, 15 mins

11.46 U10, 15 mins

12.30 Veteran 50+ men, 40 mins

12.31 Senior, Veteran, U23 and Junior Women, 40 mins

13.30 Veteran 40 / Veteran 45 Men, 40 mins

14.15 Junior, Senior & U23 Men, 50 mins

See the NWCCA Race Categories & Entry Fees page for more details.