Saturday Cyclocross Coaching

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Moor Park, Preston

With the recent news that British Cycling is now permitting coaching and group activities, Red Rose Olympic are pleased to be running this year's cyclocross coaching sessions at Moor Park in Preston.

The activities in the session will be designed to be within the current Government advice with respect to group sizes and social distancing. Obviously we need to be able to control the number of participants at these sessions so we have introduced a simple online booking system - click the Book Now link above. All participants must be booked on to be allowed to take part.

British Cycling have informed us we can accept participants from Blackburn, Oldham and Pendle again.

The session is open to riders of all ages and we'll have a number of groups so we can have advanced riders honing their skills and novice riders learning some important basic skills. Either a mountain bike or cyclocross bike will be fine for this session.

Meet at 9am at Moor Park, at the car park across from Deepdale Stadium. The session will take place at various locations within the park.

We ask for a £2.00 donation to the club.