Code of Conduct for Riders

As a Red Rose Olympic Rider I will:

  • Take responsibility for my bike and kit by making sure I have the correct things with me and my bike is in good working order

  • Arrive for training and competition in good time to prepare, wearing suitable clothing, with the correct equipment

  • Challenge myself to improve and recognise good performance, not just results

  • Train and race for myself

  • Respect the coaches and volunteers – listen to and follow their instructions

  • Be a good role model and encourage younger riders

  • Be a good sport by applauding all good performances, whether they are made by riders in my club or another club

  • Treat all participants in cycling as I would like to be treated by respecting the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, disability, cultural background or religion

  • Play within the rules and respect officials and all their decisions

  • Control my temper – verbal abuse of officials and other riders is not acceptable behaviour in any sport

  • Have fun and Enjoy my cycling